Saturday, September 01, 2012

Marik SALT - August 2012

The Markik S.A.L.T. course ran from August 10 - 27 in Papua New Guinea.  The small church structure was virtually bursting at the seams. People just kept pouring in—so many, in fact, that the organizers had to bring in bamboo logs for additional seating. Latecomers were left standing outside, craning their necks to sneak a peek through a door or window. The source of all the excitement? SALT.

Not the food seasoning, but rather a Scripture Application and Leadership Training course for the Marik people in the Madang province of Papua New Guinea. The two-week course came on the heels of the Marik New Testament being completed last summer at the Ukarumpa National Training Center, which was built through support of generous friends like you.

On the second day of the course, the crowd had grown so large that men in the village quickly built a roof extension to provide shade for the 100 people who were outside in the heat.


The impact of the SALT course on the participants was amazing. One after another they openly shared how the Scriptures have transformed their lives. One man told of his decision to trust God alone. Some of the women shared how they now feel valuable because they know they are created in God’s image. Many villagers wrote their sins down on paper and then burned them as a sign of their commitment.

Thank you for being salt and light, and for your commitment to help bring God’s translated Word to a hurting world.

SALT Course graduates
Prayer Requests:

Pray that the Holy Spirit continues to touch the hearts of the Marik people and bring transformation.

Pray that the SALT participants continue to bring truth and light into their communities.

Pray that all the Marik people choose to live in a way that glorifies God.

Pray that those caught in sin and darkness will repent from their ways of adultery, sorcery, and of using spirits to help them with hunting animals.

Pray that the Marik people will trust God fully and honor their decisions to follow only Him, and to start living holy lives.