Friday, January 28, 2011

Numanggang SALT - January 2011

First of all, on behalf of the SALT team I would like to say thank you for keep in touch with us through your prayers, and to those who pray with us too.
All through the Numanggang SALT course, which ran from 9 - 23 January, the Spirit of the Lord ministered to the participants and revealed who they are in Christ. We had many people come for counseling nearly every night who asked us to help them to understand the truth about God and to pray that His truth would transform their lives.
Fifty-six participants graduated from the course; however, between 80-100 people came to listen while we were teachings every day.

Nine outreach groups went out to one Apostolic Church, bringing unity among believers.

The total number of people who heard the Gospel in the Numanggang language was 1,245.

More than three hundred people came to witness the graduation.
The Numangang people have asked for a second SALT course so that many more people will attend the course.

Report by Pastor Fred Igami
Team Leader, Numanggang SALT
January 9-23, 2011