Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Burum-Mindik S.A.L.T. (2)

When Fesi (a Burum-Mindik translator) originally talked to me about a Burum-Mindik SALT course, I was impressed that the language group had already translated the SALT material before she came to request the course. When we held the first course in August 2009, it was our biggest SALT course ever. Over 250 people came every day for the course, with 200 participants receiving certificates at the graduation ceremony. The people were hungry for the Word of God and requested another course in 2010.

Studying the Bible during the Burum-Mindik SALT course.

The second Burum-Mindik SALT course ran in Morebe Province in Papua New Guinea from March 22 - April 5, 2010. This course was taught by an all national SALT team consisting of: Pastor Fred Igami (leader), Abra Noso, Susan Sofoyo, Ninau Ephraim (BTA), and Tingkui Joel (BTA). In this course, 68 participants received certificates and over 900 people heard the Gospel in their own language during the SALT outreach practicum. The SALT graduation ceremony was a community event with over 500 people attending to hear testimonies and to support the participants.

68 participants receive SALT certificates of completion.

The SALT course and material has encouraged use of the vernacular Scriptures in many areas of the Burum-Mindik community life. The primary school principal testified that he is using the vernacular SALT material in RI (Religious Instruction) in the primary schools to teach the children about God and foster a Christian world-view.

Additionally, local church leaders are using the vernacular SALT material to preach from the pulpit in both Sunday and Wednesday church services; and after all the churches have gone through the SALT book, they plan to hold a celebratory crusade in the village.

The church leaders have now requested a SALT Instructors Training Course for January 2011 to train their own people in SALT teaching skills.

Praise God that many lives are being transformed through God's Word and Scripture Application & Leadership Training (SALT).

SALT graduation festivities in the village over Easter weekend celebrating our resurrected Lord PNG style.