Sunday, August 24, 2008

Natqgu S.A.L.T.

On Sunday 27 July, the Natqgu speakers of Santa Cruz became the first language group in Temotu Province, Solomon Islands, to receive their New Testament.

The Natqgu project, which was facilitated by Wycliffe Bible Translators Dan and Brenda Boerger, is the longest existing Bible translation project in the Solomon Islands, and the scriptures launched on Sunday were the result of the work of many people over more than 30 years.

The Bible launching was held at the new St. Thomas church building in Bznwz village on Graciosa Bay. Worshippers came from all around Santa Cruz Island to attend this celebration.

After the dedication service 360 New Testaments were sold. There was feasting with speeches by church and government Leaders and entertainment was bamboo band music.

A SALT course followed the dedication with 32 Natqgu pastors and leaders attending the course.

Pray that the Natqgu pastors and leaders apply the Scriptures and make them relevant to the lives of their people.