Saturday, June 21, 2008

ATW Team at S.A.L.T. Manor

We have been facilitating a YWAM "Around The World" (ATW) Discipleship Training School team for the last two weeks. The team joined with the Aiyura Valley Ministry and ministered to the people in the valley - performing and teaching Christian dramas at schools and churches, encouraging pastors and leaders, joining in Bible studies, and generally bringing salt and light to the valley community. The team left today headed to Australia, Thailand, India, Nepal, Amsterdam and then back to their Denver, Colorado mission base. What an awesome team! Jacob, Hanna, Shay, Olive, Heather, Barbara, Danielle, Sam, Andrew and AJ, we love you guys! You made a lot of friends here, so please keep in touch. May God bless your travels and use you to his glory!

ATW team talks to youth at local school

The team ministered to over 900 kids at Professor Shindler school

Andrew clowning around with friends

AJ "the kid magnet" making the kids smile

Patty and the team pray for Guna, a local leader

Shay teaches dramas at the Bamboo House

Sam, Andrew and AJ leave for village to show the Jesus Film

Barbara, Heather, Danielle and Olive leave for overnight visit in village

Nate driving Hanna and Shay and others to the village

Team leaves for village visit

Theological Education by Extension Bible study