Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saniyo S.A.L.T.

Saniyo SALT Team

The Saniyo SALT course had its challenges!  First we had some health concerns with Ron Lewis, Mike Howes and one of the female leaders in the village.  This was on the second day of the course, so we spent some time in prayer for these and all the participants and their families.  Unfortunately, an infant girl passed away about 4am the following morning; so, we did not have class Wednesday as the child was buried that day.

Ron Lewis, Translator, and Mike Howes

I tell this to emphasize your support through prayer.  During the last three SALT courses, we have experienced village leaders getting sick at the start of the course.  In all three cases we have seen remarkable answers to prayer, but there seems to be an escalation of attack.  Please continue to pray for the SALT courses.
Saniyo SALT course graduates

Almost 50 people attended the course daily, with 43 Saniyo pastors and leaders receiving a SALT course certificate.  The Saniyo people were very appreciative of the course.  The participants struggled with the concept of grace (don't we all?).  They enjoyed the outreach phase, and there are indications that the graduates will continue to conduct mission outreaches in the community.  They requested a follow up SALT; and we encouraged them to share the material from the first course before we commit to a second course.  

 saniyo pastors
Saniyo Pastors on outreach

This course was also an opportunity to prepare three PNG'ians for leading other courses.  Team members Uko and Collin gained experience in anticipation of the SALT courses they will be doing their own Waima language group.  Uko and Collin reported that they learned a lot and are ready to go forward with the next Waima SALT course. They were aware of the Holy Spirit's enabling in their teaching and interactions with people. They are grateful to all who prayed for them. Collin and Uko even translated a Waima song into Saniyo and sang it! They see their experience as one of having been on a mission and are eager to report back to their church and village leaders.

fred collin uko
Fred, Collin and Uko

In addition, Fred Igami (from the Inoke language group) was on the course.  He will be leading the Kein SALT course, so he was making sure he knew what the leader needed to do (he has been on six other SALT courses and is an excellent teacher).