Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Inoke S.A.L.T. II

In February 2007, YWAM BELT partnered with PNG - S.A.L.T. to bring a second course to the Inoke people.

Team traveled to Imaka village by helicopter

The course teachers this year, on outreach from YWAM Perth's Bible School for the Nations (BSN), were, Tim Bergman, Joshua and Sarah Seykora, and Nathan Nita. S.A.L.T. Intern, Daniel Connor, also joined the team.

Tim Bergman, Daniel Connor and Pastor Fred

Josh and Sarah Sykora and Nathan Nita at airport

Graduatates of Inoke S.A.L.T. II course

45 Pastors and leaders graduated from this course with another 7 who are going to work with the course coordinator to finish the work they missed due to absences. 26 of the S.A.L.T. II participants also graduated from S.A.L.T. I in 2006.

Most of the participants are Four Square members with two from the Lutheran Church and two form the Evangelical Brethreren Church (EBC).

Topics included in this course were: Review of “Pursuit of Truth”, Review of the “Father Heart of God”, The Power of Prayer, Principles of Intercession, Biblical Stewardship, Principles of Giving, Right relationships, Christian Unity, Walking in Forgiveness, Biblical View of Sex, The Necessity of Holiness, Living in the Fullness and Power of God, Breaking Sinful Habits, The Heart of a Leader, The foundation for Leadership, Characteristics of Servant Leaders, Preparing Textual Messages and Overview of the Old and New Testament.

The course was two weeks with an outreach on the second weekend. During the outreach, the pastors and leaders went to 14 different churches and spoke to a total of 875 people. They reported that 35 Christians repented and that 5 people received salvation.

Daniel playing guitar for kids

In addition to the full day of class for the two weeks, the BELT team also: Preached in 5 different churches and some of them more than once; Taught 300-400 kids for three Wednesdays in a row with about 40 receiving salvation; Taught the Biblical View of Sex to the older students and people from the community.

Another highlight of the trip was movie nights. We were able to use the course fees to buy fuel for the generator to show some videos. We showed the “Luke” video in the Inoke language as well as “The Passion”, the “Transformation” video and “The End of the Spear”. We showed “The Passion” and the “End of the Spear” several times in other locations. 300-400 people would show up to watch these movies and every time you could see revelation and conviction come to the people.

Josh and Nathan enjoy local food

I can confidently say that for the three and a half weeks that the BELT team was in Imaka village with the Inoke people that every person in the village was impacted by the power of the gospel. We are also confident that the teachings that the pastors and leaders received have empowered and equipped them lead their people more like Jesus would lead.

Mark Joshua, the leader of the Youth for the Four Square Church in that area said that for the Easter gathering of the youth, he would make sure that the youth received all of these teachings.

Eli Bugeme went home after the lesson on servant leadership and told his wife that he needs to become a slave(servant) leader like Jesus. He said that he used to hate the drug users and wanted nothing to do with them and now he knows he needs to reach out to them and serve them.

Abra shared through tears that he feels like “A man equipped”. He also said that this is more than education, it is better, it is all about God.

Susan J said, “In BELT I we talked about love and I put it into practice, my husband and I helped others. When I saw other people that were in need, I helped them. This year I learned how to be a servant leader. These two courses will work together to help me work with my people. Thank you for leaving your country to help us”.

Agena thanked God for the first and second course. “It is like Bible College at home and what I learned last year I put into practice and this year’s course has helped me a lot. This is very helpful”.

Kemega never went to Bible school and he said “I am happy to be here to learn how to prepare a Bible sermon. I now have some idea on how to prepare a sermon”.

Sarah and participants praying for man

There are many more testimonies to write but to say the least; we are very encouraged with the response of the participants. It has been worth all the distance traveled, the money spent and the time away from my wife. The S.A.L.T. courses have made a difference in the lives of the pastors and leaders and as a result it will affect their families, churches and communities.

-- Report written by Tim Bergman, BELT Team Leader, YWAM Perth