Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Korafe SALT II

Korafe SALT participants arrive by outrigger canoe

Participants unload their cargo

The first Korafe SALT course was held in November 2004. Two years later (November 6-20, 2006) we conducted our first SALT II course. Personal relationships with the people had developed in 2004, which gave depth to the second course.

Father Lucas, the local Anglican Parish Priest, reads from the Korafe New Testament

Wycliffe Bible Translator, Cindi Farr, said, "The second Scripture Application and Leadership Training (SALT II) course for the Korafe people has been a blessing in many people’s lives. Just as the Lord sent rain down on us twice, He sent His Holy Spirit down on us and called many Korafe men and women to a new commitment to Him."

SALT Instructor, Peter Brook, talks about Forgiveness

SALT Instructors, Mick Bandy, Peter Brook, Andrew Tiki, and Valarie Johnson, taught on such topics as the Character of God, Pursuit of Truth, God’s Laws of Love, Biblical View of Sex, Christian Family, What is Salvation, Living in the Power of God, Skills of a Leader, Stewardship, Satan and his Strategies, and Walking in Forgiveness. Other topics also discussed included HIV/AIDS and sorcery issues. Diaz Mukawa, Leonard Kunita, Jim and Cindi Farr interpreted the oral and written teachings into Korafe.

Sixty Korafe people attended the course; and fifty-three participants qualified for SALT II course certificates at graduation.

Many Korafe made new commitments to Jesus Christ—at least 23 made initial commitments to Him.

All of the participants gave overwhelmingly positive course evaluations. Here are some excerpts:

Stanley sang his testimony as he beat his kundu drum and praised God

“Now, I’ve come to know God for sure. I’ve changed my Life completely and I am here to serve God in my personal Life.”

"In the last two weeks I stopped telling lies, stopped stealing, and started to pray daily.”

Cecilia gives testimony of how the Holy Spirit has given her the grace to forgive her enemies

"I am one of the disobedient children, but as I’ve entered this course, it just totally changed my life."

“The SALT course has brought me to know who is God.”

Monika attended the first SALT course in 2004; she is now a leader in the Mother's Union

Alongside the Korafe pastors and church leaders who had attended the SALT I course, we had the opportunity to pray with many people individually. We prayed for healing of bodies, reconciliation in family disputes, prayed against demonic possessions, prayed for spiritual strength and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, etc.

Elinor asked for prayer for healing and reconciliation of family members

One evening, Oswin Tangiri, our host and one of the Farr's national co-translators, asked Jim Farr, Peter Brook and Mick Bandy to pray with eight young men who were attending the course.

Oswin's son, Ivan, accepted Jesus as Lord of his life

These young men were new converts that Oswin had been ministering too; so, one evening they all accepted Jesus as the Lord of their lives! We prayed for each individually and we encouraged them to continue to read their Korafe New Testament and study His Word. Six of the eight young men have now applied to attend a Discipleship Training School in Mt. Hagen.

20 year old Alfred Furifuri reads his Korafe New Testament

During the course the participants talked a lot about sorcery. The Korafe people traditionally practice sorcery and the leaders asked that we pray one day against generational curses. The 60 participants broke up into small groups to pray.

Wycliffe Bible Translators, Cindy and Jim Farr, have lived with the Korafe people for 35 years; and the Korafes have adopted them into their clan. Jim and Cindy led our Bible study to look at what God says about sorcery.

We prayed with five family members who are known to come from a line of sorcerers. Actually, one of the young men's fathers is currently a sorcerer. However, the sorcerer's wife got sick a few years ago and sorcery did not help, so Oswin had prayed over her and she was healed. That apparently put her sorcerer husband to shame! His 20 year old son saw all that and became a Christian.

Alfred explains the tricks and plans of satan

The sorcerer's son attended the SALT II course; so, we prayed together with him and his relatives that the Lord would forgive his father and fore-fathers for delving into witchcraft and satanic practices. Then they repented on behalf of their fore-fathers and committed never to follow that path themselves.

Oswin Tangiri speaks against the practice of sorcery

During one discussion on sorcery, Lucas, a Korafe leader, left the meeting house abruptly. Later, we found that he was upset because his 17 year old son had been sick for two years, and he had indeed hired a local sorcerer to come to "heal" his son. Apparently, the Lord was convicting Lucas because during the discussion he had heard that if a Christian really trusts in Jesus, he will not turn to sorcery. Lucas told us he felt angry because during the two years of his son's illness, none of the local Christians had ever come to pray over his son. For this reason, he had hired the sorcerer! Lucas asked us if we would come to pray for his son; therefore, a few days later, we traveled by boat up the coast to a small village where Lucas greeted us with many pineapples and fish. After the feast, we were introduced to his son; and we anointed him with oil, laid hands on him and prayed for his healing. Lucas was very appreciative and his faith was renewed.

During the two week course, Edrick's father and six year old daughter both died suddenly. Traditionally, such unexpected deaths would have been blamed on sorcery; however, Edrick publically denounced this idea and stood firm in the Lord!

Please pray that the Korafe people will continue to use their Korafe New Testaments, study God's Word, and apply the Scriptures to their daily lives.