Friday, August 25, 2006

Waima SALT

The Waima SALT course was conducted in August. The translators, Namsoo and Duckshin Kim, are a wonderful Korean missionary couple who have dedicated the last 20 years of their lives to the Waima people. It was a privilege to partner with them to bring SALT and light to this area of PNG! Waima is situated in the Central Province of Papua New Guinea.

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Waima SALT team: Namsoo and Duckshin Kim, Badi Vila, Mike Howes, Dave Wake, Carol Saferita and Mick Bandy

radio interview
The Kims helped set up a Christian radio station in the village. It reaches more than 20,000 people in their own heart language. Here, Mick is being interviewed about the Waima SALT course.

badi preaching
Badi Vila urging the Waima people to read the Word of God in their own heart language.

Mick talking about how God’s Truth requires not only intellectual understanding, but also application in all areas of a Christian's life.

aids awareness
Carol talking about AIDS awareness.

Mike talking about the nature of God.

dance team
At graduation, Dave was asked to join the men in a celebration dance.

150 participants attended the course some days, and 98 qualified for certificates of completion at graduation.