Thursday, August 03, 2006

Praise Report / Prayer Requests

The SALT Project is an international Scripture Use project funded by Wycliffe USA and Wycliffe Australia. The purpose of the SALT (Scripture Application & Leadership Training) course is to partner with the local churches in order to train national pastors and leaders to effectively use the translated Scriptures in their ministries.

Since November 2004, we have conducted eleven SALT courses and have trained approximately 600 pastors and lay leaders in Papua New Guinea; and, these participants have, in turn, gone out on outreach and ministered to approximately 10,000 Papua New Guineans in their own heart-languages!

This coming Monday, August 7th, we will start our twelfth SALT course, working alongside Waima NT translators Namsoo and Duckshin Kim.

Please pray for the Waima SALT course:

- That God will prepare people's hearts to learn what He wants them to learn from this course.

- That the right people will be in attendance at the right time.

- That the information will be translated clearly into Waima, and that the participants will understand the truths presented, with the aid of the Holy Spirit.

- That the course will help attendees to develop a distinctly Christian worldview.

- That the course will result in better understanding and more extensive use of the Waima NT in daily life.

- That the teachers (Badi Vila (BTA), Carol Safirita, Mike Howes, David Wake and Mick Bandy) will be well-prepared and able to teach clearly and meaningfully.

- That the teachers and their families will enjoy good health for the duration of the course.

- That church leaders will be motivated to do all that needs to be done logistically ahead of time so that the course can run smoothly.

- Specifically that the enemy will not be successful in hindering any aspect of the course; the course content is powerful and helps people to gain a proper understanding of what it means to be a Christian - something that is vital for the growth and effectiveness of the Church.