Thursday, March 02, 2006

Inoke SALT

Partnering with Youth With A Mission, the Inoke course was staffed by an outreach team from YWAM Perth (BELT)

Team leader:
Tim Bergman

Team members:
Nellianne Bergman, Anna Sykes, Michelle Volgamore, Andrew Fones, Nathan Nita.

44 participants graduated from the course;

15 different Churches were represented;

The students of the course did a weekend outreach where they ministered to 700 people in 11 different Churches;

At least six students received Salvation during the course. Many others had deep repentance;

Over 30 Bibles were sold for the students in the course and we used them throughout the course.

From the teams perspective this was a wonderful course! The participants responded to the word of God; their hearts appeared to be good soil; and we believe that good fruit will come from what was planted during this course.

Pastor Fighety is the head pastor of the Four Square Church in the area. He is a good leader who loves his people, one that will be able to follow up after the course. He also plans to lead evangelistic campaigns every month in a different village of Inoke. He has a heart to reach his people!

The Inoke people have requested a another course in February 2007. Please pray that the Lord will provide the resources to make this happen!

44 participants graduated from the course

Quotes and Testimonies:
Ps. Moses said that he has been a pastor for over 30 years and he has been trying to feed the people but they have not been growing. Now they are growing. In tears he said, “I just hope I am alive for the next course!"

Kay Igami – “God used to be small to me and now I know He is big” Kay also said that she enjoyed the "funeral service" (a symbolic ceremony in which we buried confessed sins which had been written on paper). She said “This is the first time that I have felt free and forgiven from my sins."

Ps. Micky – “I was not sure who my enemy was and now I know.”

Ps. Micky’ wife said that, "Micky and two other ladies shared so many things with me the first week that I knew I had to come for the rest of this course!" She said that she now knows she needs to forgive others when they do something wrong to her.

Ps. Seth – “I went to Bible School in 2003 and I thought I was okay. But when I was here(in the course) I nailed some things to the cross that I was holding onto. I was touched by the verse that we have to pick up our cross and follow Jesus."

Karen - After hearing the class on the Character of God she went home and asked for forgiveness.

Helin – “I learned that God is bigger than the enemy and I do not need to be afraid of evil spirits.”