Tuesday, October 04, 2005

National SALT Instructors

Badi Vila teaches on salvation

The SALT Project develops leaders on two levels: (1) the SALT course participant level; and, (2) the SALT course instructor level. We are excited that God is now raising up national instructors to expand the ministry of Scripture Application & Leadership Training (SALT).

One of the main mobilization problems in Papua New Guinea is that, because travel is so expensive, it is generally impossible for nationals to raise the financial support needed to join the SALT team.

Wycliffe USA’s recent sponsorship of The SALT Project will allow us to now train and mobilize national SALT Instructors! In fact, we had two nationals, Andrew Tiki and Badi Vila, join the Filifita SALT team. Then, Andrew TIki also joined the Arapesh SALT team. Both Andrew and Badi are excellent teachers and are excited about serving as instructors in future SALT courses.
Badi Vila is the **BTA Scripture Use Coordinator here in PNG. After the Filifita SALT course, Badi said, “The SALT course is wonderful. It really encourages people to read the Bible in their own language and then to apply the Scripture’s to their daily lives. It promotes a relationship with God at the deepest level. SALT is my vision for BTA here in Papua New Guinea!”
Andrew Tiki explains posters

I have known Andrew Tiki for many years. Andrew originally trained with YWAM PNG and then, in 1995, attended YWAM Tyler’s School of the Bible in the United States. Andrew says, “Recently, I was living in my village, no longer involved in active ministry. I was feeling depressed because it seemed that God had closed all the doors; so, I decided to pray and fast for three days. I prayed to God for Him to use me for His glory. Several days later, I received your letter asking me to join the Filifita and Arapesh SALT teams as an instructor. This opportunity is an answer to my prayers!”

It is wonderful to see the villager’s reactions to the national instructors on our team. When the SALT course participants see one of their own countrymen teaching about leadership and Scripture application, it has a huge impact!

We now have four other nationals who are either scheduled to join a SALT team or have expressed an interest in becoming SALT Instructors.

Please pray that God will continue to bring those nationals who He would have us train as SALT Instructors in PNG.

**BTA (Bible Translation Association) is a national organization in Papua New Guinea committed to translating the Bible into the languages of the country. It is also involved in literacy -- teaching people to read and write in their own languages. The SALT Project is honored to work alongside BTA. For information about BTA, visit: www.pngbta.com/nav/about.htm