Thursday, September 01, 2005

Alamblak SALT

Translators, Pat and Mel Edmiston, teach Alamblak children to read the Scriptures in their own language.

After almost twent years of work, Pat and Mel Edmiston completed the translation of the Alamblak New Testament and it was dedicated in June 2004. One year later the SALT team came to the small village of Munduku, located in the Sepik River region of Papua New Guinea, to conduct a Scripture Application & Leadership Training (SALT) course. It was HOT and the average humidity was 90%!

Mick teaches about God's Laws of Love.

Thirty-two Alamblak church leaders were trained to effectively use their vernacular Scriptures to encourage a love and wonder of the Bible and to develop a Christian worldview in their villages.

Peter Brook tells a story.

Students review SALT posters.

Student teaches on outreach.

During two weekend outreaches, participants presented the Gospel to approximately one-third of the entire population of the Alamblak people! For many villagers, this was the first time ever to hear God’s Word presented in their own “heart language.”

One village leader said, “Now my people understand that God speaks their language; and many want to get into Jesus’ canoe and let Him be their guide down the river of life.”

Mick, Peter and Joyce congratulate graduates during the final ceremony.

Participants show off their graduation certificates.

Please pray that all of the Alamblak people will apply the Scripures and make Jesus Christ the Lord of their lives!