Wednesday, August 31, 2005

History of S.A.L.T.

The Scripture Application & Leadership Training (S.A.L.T.) course curriculum was initially developed out of a systematic study of God’s Word as taught by Larry Allen, a servant of God and the Director of YWAM Tyler’s School of the Bible.

While serving on staff of YWAM Tyler’s School of the Bible, June and Mick Bandy worked with Heidi and Mark Evans to facilitate YWAM BELT outreaches.  The YWAM BELT outreach originated in 1995 as a Bible course in Itokama village, Oro Province, PNG, following the dedication of the Barai New Testament, which was translated by Bev and Peter Evans (Mark Evan’s parents) in Papua New Guinea.

In 2001, June and Mick Bandy, and their three sons, Carter, Drew and Palmer, co-led a School of the Bible outreach team to Papua New Guinea. The goal of this outreach was to partner with Wycliffe Bible translators and conduct BELT courses in order to encourage national pastors and leaders to use the translated Scriptures.  In 2003, the Bandy family returned to Papua New Guinea to work with SIL-PNG.

In June 2004, Mick Bandy (Project Resources Coordinator, SIL-PNG), Gweni Hurd Hetzel (Media Consultant, SIL- PNG), Victoria Gustavison (Scripture Use Coordinator, SIL-PNG) and Andy Minch (Associate Director of Language Affairs, SIL-PNG), began working together to formulate PNG-SALT, which adapted the School of the Bible, YWAM BELT outreach material under an Attributive, Non-Commercial, ShareAlike Creative Commons license.

In September 2004, PNG-SALT was approved by the Directors and Executive Committee of SIL-PNG as a Branch project.  In June 2005, PNG-SALT was registered with SIL International.  In August 2005, PNG-SALT was adopted by Wycliffe USA as an official “Scripture Use” program that (1) equips national pastors and leaders in PNG to effectively use the translated Scriptures in their ministries and (2) inspires a love, wonder and understanding of God’s Word in the vernacular.  In 2008, S.A.L.T. courses were being requested in other parts of the Pacific and began operating as Pacific SALT.


The S.A.L.T. course curriculum continues to be a “work in process” as we strive to make the material culturally relevant for the over 800 language groups in Papua New Guinea.S.A.L.T. also wishes to thank the following individuals who have contributed to the on-going development of the S.A.L.T. course curriculum:

Larry Allen, June and Mick Bandy, Raewyn and Peter Brook, Bob Conrad, Joyce and Neil Coulter, Lisa Detlefsen, Marj and Ray Dubert, Sally and Wayne Dye, Mel and Pat Edmiston, Heidi and Mark Evans, Bev and Peter Evans, Cindi and Jim Farr, John Wesley Gareitz, Victoria and Carle Gustavison, Lois and James Hafford, June and Rob Head, 
Gweni Hurd Hetzel, Carolyn and Roman Hostetler, May Kirkham, Charles Kowak, Georgetta and George MacDonald, Audrey and Andy Minch, Fran and Leland Paris, Doris Porter, Luke Sauvia, Aluis Simatab, Julie Savage, Shelley and Jim Savage, Andrew Tiki and Badi Vila.

Wuvulu SALT

James Hafford and Wuvuluan read Scripture.

Wycliffe Bible Translator, James Hafford, completed the translation of the Wuvulu New Testament in just nine years; and, the Wuvulu SALT course was our biggest course yet.

Islanders waiting for Sir Michael to arrive.

 Welcoming the Prime Minister to Wuvulu.

Charles Benjamin, the Manus Province Open Representative to Parliament, personally purchased 300 Bibles as a gift to the people of the Island. At the dedication ceremony Mr. Benjamin said:

“By translating the Bible into the Wuvulu language, you have brought God into this island community and into each person’s heart. The Gospel has now been contextualized to fit the people of Wuvulu.”

“The completion and the launching of the Bible in the Wuvulu language has made us whole and complete as pure Wuluvuans – working, fishing, playing and worshiping God in the same language. The Gospel has now, through the Bible in this language, grown roots that are everlasting and will not die.”

“The Bible is powerful – more powerful than a nuclear bomb and sharper than a two edge sword. It will explode and destroy our bad habits and shape our character to be like Jesus. It is a map that will show us the road to heaven.”

“On behalf of the government of Manus and its people, I thank SIL-PNG for this wonderful gift to our people on this island. We thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts and wish you God’s blessing as you continue your ministry of bringing God’s Word to millions of people the world over.”

The Prime Minister then helped our SIL-PNG Director, Brian Hodgkin, distribute Bibles to the Wuvulu people!

Prime Minister distributes Bible.

Our biggest SALT course yet!


SALT Participants

Reading the Wuvulu Bible
197 Graduates of the Wuvulu SALT course.

The Wuvulu New Testament dedication and SALT course broke all previous records and reflected the government of Papua New Guinea’s appreciation for SIL-PNG’s work in this country.

May God be glorified for His good work!