Sunday, June 24, 2012

Iyo SALT II - June 2012

God has been at work among the people of the Iyo language group since the two week SALT course that was held from September 10-23, 2011.

The Iyo people group requested a second S.A.L.T. course this year, which ran from June 4 - 16, 2012.  More than 100 people attended this second course and 92 qualified for certificates.  

At the end of the two week course, the participants went out in five teams for outreaches into the villages.  In this way another 217 adults and 77 children were able to hear the truth in their own language and to know that God Himself is reaching out for them to bring them back into His presence.

Pastors from three different denominations (COC, Lutheran and Baptist) attended the course, as well as the local government representative of the village.

During the course some special miracles happened!

Last year a local man became angry with a sorcerer and wanted to kill him, but later changed his mind when his wife counseled against it.  Later that year the man attended the first Iyo SALT course, during which time he gave his life to God. 

Knowing nothing about this man’s conversion, the sorcerer attended this year’s SALT course, and during the second week he came to the front of the class to share the following: “You know I am a bad man. Lesson nine shows everything that is in my heart. You know that, and Heaven knows it too. I am a late comer, but I repent from my poison work, and ask forgiveness from you and God.”

This man’s life was saved, for eternity!  God is faithful!!!

Also another "poison man" (sorcerer) confessed his sins and gave his heart to God.  Together with a young boy.

During the graduation, the local government representative said in his speech:  "Praise God for His mercy, to give us time to reach out to others who are still living in darkness.  He shows His love in His patience not to judge the world yet, but to wait till His children come home." 

God’s mercy is unending, and in His faithfulness we can trust.  Jesus’ blood is still flowing to bring people back from the darkness into His light, to stand righteous for God.