Friday, February 27, 2009

Mini S.A.L.T. courses in the Sepik

Aluis Simatab has been conducting Mini S.A.L.T. courses in the Sepik area of PNG to promote vernacular Scripture Use. He recently sent me this photo and letter:

"Mick, this is Old Elijah Gabuor who is 87 years old now whom I have been telling you about. He did not go to any school. In 1994 he heard the gospel in the Agapes Language for the fist time. He was baptized in 1995 and Chose to be named “Elijah” because he always liked to hear the story of this great prophet. He wanted to read the Agapes booklet of “Jesus Christ has power to save” and he prayed a lot that he could (learn to) read. The Lord opened his eyes in the same year to read! Then, he still wanted to eat pig meat and other protein so the Lord gave him new teeth! So you can see for yourself now. Elijah heard about our Mini SALT Course and came down from the head-waters of the river that you use to have your wash in during the 2005 SALT Course in Woginara. He wanted to be a participant in this Mini SALT course. During the Mini Course he asked me to read with him the story of (Luke 15: 11-32) from the Agapes NT. Please pray with him because he shared that the devil is trying to trick him by making him tired and not reading the Agapes NT Bible. Blessings, Aluis Simatab"