Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ramoaaina S.A.L.T.


SALT Team travels to Duke of York Island

The Ramoaaina SALT course was held on the beautiful Duke of York island shortly after the dedication of the Ramoaainan New Testament.  This course was very special because Orim and Tingkui Joel were members of our team.  Orim and Tingkui are Ramoaainan and this was an opportunity for them to return to their village and teach the Gospel in their own language!  35 pastors and leaders graduated from the course. 


Orim teaching SALT in his own heart language

The following excerpts are taken from Robin Davies’ article about the dedication ceremonies:


Sunset on Duke of York Island

From beginning to end, the day of the Ramoaaina New Testament dedication, 15th April, was truly one of great rejoicing and giving glory to God for what he has done.We awoke to a beautiful calm, sunny day with lots of activity already going on in preparation for the celebrations. A few hours later the programme began as six boats travelling side by side looking like a big raft rounded the point into the harbour. They were filled with a choir of about 80 men dressed in white, singing hymns in four-part harmony. Lisbeth and I, together with one box of New Testaments were in one of the middle boats, which was decorated with flowers, leaves, streamers and balloons. As we moved slowly towards the shore dolphins joined us, frolicking in the water around the boats. 


Volcanoes seen from beach

 To me it seemed like God was assuring us that we had his seal of approval, as creation rejoiced with us at the arrival of the New Testament in the Ramoaaina language. Another wonderful sight was the great crowd of people standing on the beach, who had come here to witness this special occasion. There must have been 2-3000 people, who had come from all the villages in the Duke of York Islands, as well as from other parts of Papua New Guinea, Australia, Sweden, Fiji and the USA. Many of them had tears of joy in their eyes.


Ramoaainan ladies studying Gospel

Under the magnificent rain trees, people sat looking at and reading their New Testaments for the first time. About 1200 were sold that day and since then people have continued to buy them. Many people have told us how happy they are with their New Testaments, and how clear the meaning is. We’re very excited to see people using them in church on Sundays. You really notice it when the reading goes over the page and you hear the rustle of everyone turning the page at the same time. In one village, Nakukur, they had a special service to mark that they have changed over to using the Ramoaaina New Testament, instead of Pidgin or English or Kuanua.

mick at ramoaaina

Mick speaking about faith in God

Our praise and thanks go to God for giving us such a wonderful day of celebration and that his Word is now available to the Duke of York people in their mother tongue. Please continue to pray that they will read it and God will use it for his glory and to accomplish his purposes in their lives.


Tingkui, Mike and Carol